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    Express Yourself! A Young Songwritter's Camp

    Ages: 12 and up

    Dates & Times:

    June 12-16, 1-4pm, register by June 1


    Registration Fee: $15 for new MAEC students only

    Register Online!


    $105 for 1st week, if paid by June 1, $90 additional weeks or children.

    $125 for 1st week, if paid after June 1, $110 additional weeks or children


    Have you ever dreamed of becoming a songwriter, but were unsure where to begin? Come unlock the mysteries of songwriting, learn how to turn musical and lyrical ideas into finished songs. Explore a variety of techniques for writing lyrics and melodies, and discover how to develop interesting harmonic accompaniments. And, investigate the business of songwriting; demo recording, music publishing, record release and protecting your songs. Let your voice be heard!