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    Sing For Joy Luau!

    When you walk into the Music Academy on a Thursday evening you can't help but have a smile on your face and be instantly in a great mood with all the fun happening inside.



    Sing for Joy is a vocal, rhythmic and movement social group for high schoolers and adults of ranging mental and physical abilities.  Hearing them play and sing is absolute joy for the participants, instructors, and observers.  They really do Sing For Joy!




    Besides singing and playing instruments, the group participates in themed parties as well.  This month's theme was a summer luau.  The participants were greeted with an Aloha, given leis, and participated in parachute time, snack and treat time, dancing, and blowing bubbles all while being surrounded by fun music.



    Music Therapy is useful for all ages, abilities, and walks of life.  Sing For Joy is a wonderful example of the power and usefulness music therapy provides.  Through the use of carefully selected music and activities by our music therapists, brain function, motor skills, and social skills are cultivated in a fun stress-free and environment.  This social time allows our participants to interact with those whom have similar lives to their own, sharing their triumphs and tribulations with one another.


    If you are interested in having your loved one join Sing For Joy, or if you are interested in any of our Music Therapy services, please contact The Music Academy of Eastern Carolina.



    The Grinch Stole Music?!

    This week at the Music Academy our campers were visited by none other than the Grinch.  Paula Jenkins and her campers in the Beginner's Piano Academy were hard at work learning "The Grinch Stole Christmas" when a green hand reached into the room and silently stole a page of music off of the piano.


    The children exclaimed that the Grinch was here, but of course Mrs. Paula could not believe them as she had her back turned to the door when the theft occurred.  The Grinch then popped his head in and menacingly waved his fingers at the children and stole yet another page causing the children to alert Mrs. Paula once more that the Grinch was outside the door.  Mrs. Paula peeked out of the door and informed the children again that there was no Grinch here, but that her music was missing.  One of her students must have been playing a trick on her.


    The Grinch then made a grand entrance, much to Mrs. Paula's surprise, and gave her music back. The commotion attracted Dianne White's Young Songwriter campers who were also surprised to see that the Grinch had made an appearance.  Thankfully the Grinch saw it in his large heart to let the students take pictures with him, and then vanished back to Whoville.


    Musical Petting Zoo!

    Saturday July 23rd, the graduate students of ECU's Educational Arts Program organized a Back to School Festival at the North Greenville Boys and Girls Club for the families of Pitt County and asked the Music Academy to come out with their Musical Petting Zoo.

    Our Zoo Keepers, Cheryl Stephenson and Kathryn Holley, guided children and their parents on how to play woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments, and how the Music Academy can help them get started on their musical journeys.

    The look of excitement on each child's face when they played their first notes was priceless.  We look forward to providing more of these events in the near future.

    If you have a community event coming up and want the musical petting zoo, please contact the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina.


    Orchestra on the Waterfront!


    On Sunday July 24th Michael Stephenson lead the Pitt Community College Symphony Orchestra and the New Bern Civic Strings in their first annual performance at the Union Point Gazebo on the New Bern waterfront.  


    The program consisted of marches, popular show tunes and patriotic salutes, and featured Amanda Minner and Eric Whaley as vocal soloists.  The Pitt Community College Symphony Orchestra also welcomed back their founder after 4 years, Larry Spell for a performance of the Radetzky March.  These guests helped to make the concert special and meaningful for both the orchestra and the audience.





    As the evening progressed, the orchestra attracted a large audience from the community of New Bern, who congratulated the orchestra on a great performance and thanked them for coming out and sharing their love for music.    


    Special thanks goes out to the New Bern Parks and Recreation department for making the experience wonderful.  It was the most beautiful venue the orchestra has ever performed at.


    The PCC Orchestra operates out of the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina and is made up of student and community members.  The group performs four times a year at venues around Pitt County.  If you are interested in joining this community group, contact the director Michael Stephenson at Pitt Community College.


    Summer Camps 2016!

    Beginner's Guitar Academy

    With summer in full swing the Music Academy has wonderful camp options to keep your kids occupied and active.  We have had some awesome camps already this summer with the Beginner's Guitar AcademyBeginner's PianoAcademyUkelele is Cool!, and Music Therapy Rocks! We are happy to be providing more sessions of these camps through August.


    Ukelele is Cool!

    We are also excited to be partnering with Pitt Community College with their Explore! summer camps program, which provides affordable summer camp opportunities for a variety of interests.


    The camps we provide through Explore! are Beginner's Guitar AcademyArt Explorers: Sculpt, Paint & Create...Squeaks, Squawks, and Clangs Galore!MAC & Cheese/Mural Painting, and NC Heritage Through the Arts.


    Please visit our Summer Camps 2016 page for details on dates and prices of these camps, and visit The Music Academy for more ways to get involved in music!

    Music Therapy Rocks!!