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Fun with Accordian! - call MAEC

Group Strings for Adults - call MAEC

Using Finale Software for Arranging and Writing Your Own Music - Jan 9

Classical Music: A Primer-Nov 27

Guitar Classes - call MAEC
Ukulele Classes - call MAEC

Piano Classes - call MAEC

Reading Music I -  call MAEC
Reading Music II - call MAEC
Music Theory - call MAEC

Preparing for Auditions: Nov 29, Jan 10
Decrease My Stress: Relaxation through Music! - Nov 12, Dec 10
Stage Fright: Performance Anxiety - call MAEC
Coping with Grief & Loss - Dec 14

Maximizing Performance - Nov 29

Hear My Voice: Social Fun - Nov 28

Creating Your Life Story in Song: Give a Gift to Your Family - Dec 3

Improving Your Church Choir - call MAEC

Drum Circles - Call MAEC

3M - Music, Movement & Meditation - call MAEC

Celebration Singers- starts Sept 12
New Horizons Beginner Band - starts Sept 11
 New Horizons Bands - starts Sept 11

PCC Symphony Orchestra - starts Aug 21

(Enroll with Pitt Community College's Department of Continuing Education)

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As they are completing the construction, the intersection of 10th & Evans will close periodically.  You may need to use Charles and Read Circle to come around to us on Evans Street.

10th Street is closed between Evans St and Dickinson.  However, you can still make it through for MAEC!  It looks confusing with road closure and detour signs, but no worries!

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    Summer Camps 2018

    • Beginner Guitar Academy

      Do music symbols look like foreign drawings to you?  Learn to speak the musical language with your guitar!  Beginner's Guitar Academy will help you understand basic skills and demystify terms, symbols and the basic theory of music.  Learn correct left- and right-hand positions; special exercises to accelerate the guitar playing; get started with chords; rhythm patterns and strums;  learn successful practice techniques; and much more.  Students will need to own guitar.  MAEC has a limited number of guitars available for use on a first come basis.  Participants can enroll in a second Beginner Guitar Academy to review materials or continue with more advanced instruction.

    • Beginners Piano Academy

      Beginning piano for those who are just learning or who have never played.  Students are introduced to the fundamentals of music through movement, singing, games, piano, improvisation, ear training and music reading.  Music Academy faculty provide fun-filled activities while students enjoy exploring the world of music and piano.

    • Young Music Explorers Academy

      Join with other eager campers in a fun-filled music exporation while singing, listening, moving and playing piano with faculty of the Music Academy.  Provides the perfect balance of imaginative instruction and age appropriate activities to build a positive musical foundation for young children.

    • M&M's

      "Music & Movement"

      Show all your colors through music  & movement!  We'll sing, dance and perform many types of music.  Make your experiences memorable by sharing with many friends!                       

    • Mini M&Ms

      Music & Movement for Children Ages: 2-3

      Show all your colors through music & movement !  We'll sing, dance and perform many types of music.  Make your experiences memorable by sharing with many friends!  We encourage parents or caregivers to stay and enjoy this time with your children.

    • Music Therapy Rocks

      Music Therapy Rocks Camp is a facilitated program in which individuals on the autism spectrum, or with developmental or physical disabilities, add their own beats and melodies to this vibrant social time together.  Make music through voice, percussion, and dance, and engage in social experiences with their peers and with professional music therapists.  Anyone is welcome to be a part of Music Therapy Rocks!  Enjoy a social, summer camp environment while using music activities to achieve social, cognitive, motor and communication goals.  No prior music instruction or special ability is required.  Come and have some music fun this summer!

    • Musical Theatre

      Be apart of creating an original production.  Your group selects a theme, designs and creates a performance in one week!  Discover and experience how music and art creates moods, depicts characters and enhances a story.  With the help of music theatre and theatre professionals, bring your ideas to life, creating the performance through music and art!  Camp week concludes with your performance of your orginal production.  Every week is different!  Be a part of something original and new- don't forget to sign up with your friends!

    • Squeaks, Squawks & Clangs Galore!

      Want to try a variety of musical instruments: flute, piano, trumpet, violin, guitar and more?  Your day begins exploring musical instruments: woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, guitar, piano, voice and recorders with the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina.  The week is a hands-on time for you to learn about and try many music instruments while Music Academy faculty and guest artists assist you.  What a great opportunity to see what instrument and medium is right for you!

    • Ukulele is Cool!

      Catch the joy of learning to play ukulele!  Join in this innovative and fun camp to learn the ukulele's true worth-it's not just for island music!  This camp is designed for those with no prior musical knowledge.  Ukulele players are from all walks of life, useful for fun jamming with friends, leading songs with groups and more!  Participants will need their own ukulele.  MAEC will be happy to help you acquire a ukulele prior to the camp if you contact us (252.353.MAEC) for this assistance.  Learn to tune, hold, strum and sing along with your ukulele; all the basics you need to know to get you started on a life filled with ukulele bliss.  By the end of camp, participants should be able to play and sing 4 to 5 songs with basic strumming patterns.  Come capture the irresistible charm of the ukulele!

    • Music Therapy Assisted Lessons Academy

      The Music Academy offers adapted music instruction for woodwinds, brass, strings, guitar, voice, piano and percussion for interested individuals with special needs for learning.