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    Annual Fund

    The Annual Fund is at the heart of the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina’s fundraising efforts.  Each year, we solicit funds through letters. Continued growth in the Annual Fund is essential to maintaining quality in every aspect of the your community music school.  We hope you will consider making a gift to the Annual Fund.  Music plays such an important role in our lives.  Whether you perform, compose, play for your enjoyment or are an enthusiastic audience member, music is integral to our daily happiness.  I simply cannot imagine a world without music.

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    Annual Fund Letter

    Why is there an Annual Appeal?

    Annual Appeal dollars are used to support all of the activities and programs offered by the community music school.  Donations support financial assistance for students, merit scholarships, community outreach programs, teachers’ salaries, studio supplies, utilities and maintenance of our facility.  We are proud to offer financial assistance and instrument rental to students.  Without this assistance, many individuals and families would not realize the joy of music in their everyday lives.


    Why is my gift important?

    Each year, MAEC relies of gifts from parents and community friends to the Annual Appeal.  We are a community school and we count on each and every donation to allow us to offer the best music education possible to our students.  In addition, foundations that may consider us with grants look closely at the rate of parent and community support as a gauge of the strength of the school.  Please consider making a gift to the Annual Appeal.


    Can I honor a teacher with my gift?

    Thank you for your interest in making a gift in appreciation for our outstanding faculty!  Your support in this manner is a special way to acknowledge the unique bond between students and teachers that last a lifetime!  All gifts received as part of this appreciation program will be credited to the Annual Fund and used towards student financial aid and faculty development.


    Can I sponsor a student with my gift?

    “I cannot tell you how music the Music Academy means to our family.  Because of your generosity, we are able to see our child smile and have a quality music education.”  These are words from a recipient of our financial assistance program. Due to a parent losing their job, they were considering stopping their music lessons. Through our generosity of our community patrons, MAEC was able to offer them continued music involvement during the tumultuous transition time this family faced. They have continued their music and also empower many others in the community to be engaged in music!

    Yes!  You can be a part of these great experiences by giving generously to help others participate and experience the joy of music in their lives.  Please indicate your desire and gift on the Pledge Form.

     Annual Fund Letter

      Pledge Form

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