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Fun with Accordian! - Oct 8

Art of Self-Promotion - Sept 12

Group Strings for Adults - Oct 8

Finale Software for Arranging and Writing Your Own Music - Oct 10

Classical Music: A Primer - Oct 4

Guitar for Adult Beginners - Sept 11
Ukulele for Adult Beginners - Oct 17

Ukulele to Accompany Singing - Oct 16 

Piano for Adult Beginngers - Oct 15

Songwriting - Sept 11

Reading Music I - Oct 15
Reading Music II - call MAEC
Music Theory - call MAEC

Preparing for Auditions: Oct 17
Decrease My Stress: Relaxation through Music! - Oct 7
Stage Fright: Performance Anxiety - Oct 11
Coping with Grief & Loss - Oct 18

Maximizing Performance - call MAEC

Hear My Voice: Social Fun - call MAEC

Creating Your Life Story in Song: Give a Gift to Your Family - Oct 14

Improving Your Church Choir - call MAEC

Drum Circles - Call MAEC

3M - Music, Movement & Meditation - call MAEC


New Horizons Beginner Band - starts Sept 10
 New Horizons Bands - starts Sept 10

PCC Symphony Orchestra - starts Aug 20

(Enroll with Pitt Community College's Department of Continuing Education)

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 Music Academy families, students, alumni and friends:

Let us hear from you - tell us what you are doing now, where you are living and more!  We love to connect with our students from the past!!

Call 252-353-6232 or email: We look forward to celebrating with you! 


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As they are completing the construction, the intersection of 10th & Evans will close periodically.  You may need to use Charles and Read Circle to come around to us on Evans Street.

10th Street is closed between Evans St and Dickinson.  However, you can still make it through for MAEC!  It looks confusing with road closure and detour signs, but no worries!

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    We are delighted to have you as a part of the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina (MAEC) family.  As a nonprofit community music school, MAEC provides education and involvement in music for people of all ages and abilities based on quality instruction in a variety of musical styles fostering lifelong values and an appreciation of the arts.


    How to Register

    Complete the registration form, click the Register Online for new students in the left column. Complete the question "What are you enrolling for with MAEC" to allow us to know your needs and help you begin your music study. Upon reciept of the form, we will contact you to discuss scheduling and teacher availability. The online software may appear as if we have no openings, please call, as openings vary among teacher's schedules. If you prefer, you may call or come by the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina to assist you in completing your registration information.

    Classes and lessons are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Students may enroll and begin lessons at any time throughout the year; tuition is pro-rated for the remainder of the term in which you enroll.  Upon completion of this form, the Music Academy will contact you for scheduling lessons with an instructor. Please feel free to call the Music Academy, 252.353.6232, and discuss registration and enrollment.  No fees are required until lessons begin.

    Enrollment is continuous through Fall, Winter and Spring Terms. Schedules remain the same throughout the year, unless the instructor needs to change.  Students may change lesson times if the teacher has the availability. During the summer, we want you to continue your music study. Lessons are scheduled on a flexible scheduling basis, allowing for both your family and the teacher's vacations and summer needs.  If discontinuing lessons, students must notify MAEC in writing prior to the last lesson.

    Fees and Discounts

    As a nonprofit community music school, our fees are set at the minimum allowance for classes and lessons; we cannot offer other discounts.  Tuition covers only 70% of all expenses; MAEC depends upon fundraising, grants and contributions for the remainder of costs. MAEC also depends upon your support and assistance for continual growth in serving our community.

    Tuition for lessons is the same for all instruments/voice, all skill levels and is based on the length of the lesson.  Fall, Winter and Spring includes 12 private lessons scheduled at a same time each week. One make-up lesson is permitted for each term. Fall Term is late August and ends before Thanksgiving.  Winter Term begins after Thanksgiving and goes through mid-March.  Spring Term is mid-march through early June.  Each semester has make-up time built in to accommodate personal needs. Holidays are considered in our scheduling, for example, Labor Day lessons are held the Monday prior to Thanksgiving.  We do not charge for lesson weeks in late December and early January, when schools are on break.  MAEC also takes this break!

    Make-up lessons are scheduled with your private instructor. Please consult with your teacher to schedule necessary make-up lessons. We do not have group make-up lessons with different instructors nor do we have substitute instructors during your regularly scheduled lesson time. If an instructor is absent or the school is closed for inclement weather, these lesson times will be made-up. Our teachers work with you on mutual times.  Often, these are held during our designated make-up weeks, such as the public school Spring Break week or other designated times in the MAEC calendar.  Some make-up lessons are given by extending existing lesson lengths or alternate days, when the teacher has this opportunity for you. Your teacher may offer a group master class with them. This is beneficial when preparing for recitals, auditions and performances.  MAEC believes the relationship you have with your teacher is of utmost importance and seeks to maintain this during your make-up lessons. 

    A term of 12, 30-minute lessons is $360 (equaling $30 per lesson); longer lessons are available for additional fees. No additional fees are charged for recital participation. And, you are not charged for holiday weeks. You are responsible for lesson materials and your teacher will guide you with this.

    Summer is an active teaching time at the Music Academy.  We encourage you to continue music through the summer. Perhaps you want to try a music camp or additional fun lessons. We know you have vacations, other camps and more, so we allow for a flexible summer time. Our teachers also have vacations and summer music performance opportunities. To accommodate everyone's schedules, we offer a flex summer schedule.  This allows you to take as many lessons as you and your teacher are available each summer.  In May, your teacher will give you a summer calendar to prepare for this scheduling.

    We enjoy customizing music lessons to fit your goals and dreams.  If you are interested in pursuing music as a hobby, we want to make this happen! Perhaps you want to make music a career or pursue music auditions.  We can assist with audition preparations.  And, if you are interested in pursuing college music study, we encourage you to begin music theory and history studies before your senior year of high school. Let us know and we will guide you through college preparation.

    Do you have concerns with performance anxiety or stage fright?  We can help you with this.  One of our music therapists specializes in musician's wellness and has assisted many individuals through successful performances and auditions.  Let us know how we can be of assistance to your musical success!

    The Music Academy offers scholarship and financial aid assistance. If you are in need, please inquire with us. We are here to help provide music in your lives.

    You do not need to wait for a new term to enroll. When you enroll after a term has begun, we simply pro-rate the number of lessons remaining in that term. You may enroll for lessons at any time during the year.  Please feel free to call and sign-up at any time!


    To Our New Private Lesson Students

    We match our new students with faculty very carefully, considering age, ability, personality, and schedule.   The placement process includes:

     - Completing the online registration form and payment information. Lesson times cannot be guaranteed without payment.

     - A representative from MAEC will call you to discuss available faculty and schedules.

     - You may call MAEC to discuss scheduling before completing the Online Registration Form.  We are happy to help you being your music journey!


    Referral Incentive

    Students may earn a $20 tuition credit for referrals. A $20 tuition credit (no cash will be paid) will be awarded for each referral that results in a new student enrolling at MAEC. New students must indicate the referral's name on their registration form. We enjoy awarding these credits!  If you made a referral and do not see a credit on your account, please inquire! Often, referral names are not completed on the Registration Forms. We want to help you with your credits. We appreciate your help spreading the news about the programs offered at the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina.  Feel free to pick up flyers and brochures in the Reception Room!


    Payment Policy

    Tuition is due prior to the start of each term. Tuition will be posted on your online account and a statement emailed to you unless you have made other payment arrangements.

    Payment plans (paying monthly, weekly or other needs) may be discussed with the office. However, a multiple payment plan does not invalidate the obligation to pay for your term.  A non-refundable registration fee of $15 per student/$25 maximum per family is payable annually.  Payment is accepted by check, money order or credit card. You may pay your tuition direcly online, mailed to the Music Academy, bring it with you to the Music Academy or phone us with a credit card. We do not charge additional fees when paying with a credit card, nor do we require auto-draft tuition payments.  Please note: Our computer software does not automatically draft payments for each term once you are enrolled. You will need to make these payments each term.

    We understand family budgets and are happy to work with you.  Please let us know your needs.

    Previous account balances are to be paid in full before continuing a new term or registering for new lessons and classes. IF circumstances arise, please communicate with us for special arrangements. If a payment is returned due to insufficient funds, there will be an automatic $30 NSF fee charged to the account on file. If you are aware of an NSF return, please contact the office and make arrangements for your account as soon as possible.  Often, we are unaware of an NSF deposit item for several days after you are notified.  We thank you for your quick attention if this should occur.


    Missed Lessons

     Once enrolled, students are expected to attend all lessons.  Make-up lessons are private lesson times with your instructor, the same as with your regularly scheduled private lesson.  We do not use group lessons in lieu of the private instruction time with your teacher.  The relationship with your instructor is of utmost importance. In an effort to make this manageable in the teacher's studio, make-up lessons for student absences are limited to one per term.  Your instructor will work with you to schedule make-up lessons.  Generally, these are planned during the make-up weeks designated in the MAEC calendar.  Other times can also be arranged with you on a case by case basis. Certainly, when life brings an extended absence (such as a broken arm or an extended illness), we will work with this on an individual basis as needed.

    Please communicate with your teacher if you have known schedule conflicts such as family travel or school trips. If you or your child is sick, please notify us as soon as possible. If a student goes home sick from school, mostly likely they are too sick to attend their after-school activities. We prefer you take care of your health!

    If a lesson is canceled due to teacher absence, the teacher will reschedule the lesson. Our teachers are active professional musicians and have concerts to perform and continuing education requirements.  They may need to reschedule on occasion. If our teacher is sick, their lessons will be canceled, we will not have an unannounced substitute instructor. The teacher will be in contact for your make-up lessons. Most likely, they will discuss this at your next regularly scheduled lesson time. We prefer everyone stays healthy!

    If you must miss a lesson, please call MAEC prior to your lesson time so we may notify your instructor. Our teachers are professional musicians and their work at the Music Academy is their profession. Unexcused absences are paid lessons for the instructor and must be paid for by the student.


    Financial Aid

    MAEC provides need-based financial assistance for students based on the availability of funds.  Funding varies by term, and students must re-apply for financial assistance each year.  Application forms are available at the Music Academy.



    Registration Fees are non-refundable.

    For private lessons: A partial refund, less a 20% service charge, is available for private lessons if the student has given written notice to withdraw before the third lesson of the term.  After the third lesson week, no refunds are given.

    For group classes: Refunds are not available once a class begins.  If MAEC cancels a class, refunds are offered or you may choose to credit the tuition for future use.


    Inclement Weather

    In the event of a weather emergency, MAEC will cancel all morning classes and lessons when Pitt County Schools are closed or during the time schools are delayed. If you are enrolled in a Pitt Community College Continuing Education class with the Music Academy, these classes will cancel when the college is closed. Other cancellations may be made when an instructor is unable to travel safely to the Music Academy, as some of our instructors travel into Greenville. Decisions are made throughout the day regarding all other classes and lessons. If we are open and you are unable to travel safely, please let us know -- we will honor a make-up lesson for this! Please check the local television and radio stations to determine whether MAEC is open or closed. Lessons or classes canceled due to weather will be made up at a later date.


    Fundraising Participation

    As a nonprofit community music school, we rely on community giving and support. Tuition alone covers only 70% of the annual expenses.  All students are required to participate in at least one fundraiser of their choice.  Families who have not participated in fundraising activities during the year will be billed $50 in April.

    Fundraising Options:

    1. ECU Football Concession Stand Join us at the ECU home football games -- be a part of the PIRATE PRIDE!  MAEC manages a concession stand under Sections 15-17.  Sign up for games in the reception room.

    2. Madrigal Dinner - Madrigal Dinners are a Renaissance music and dining festive event.  Step back in time; enjoy fun and fellowship, all while being entertained with music from the Middle Ages. If you have never attended a Madrigal Dinner, please consider doing so - you don't want to miss out on this fun!  Purchase seats for at least five to attend for your fundraising participation!

    3. Practice-a-thon, PERFORMATHON & Musical Petting Zoo:  The PERFORMATHON is an annual recital marathon day where all funds raised benefit the MAEC Scholarship and Financial Aid program.  Recital participants raise funds to perform during the day.  The Musical Petting Zoo is a fully interactive and hands on experience with many music instruments, the "animals" of the zoo!

    4. April Fool's Concert: Musical Comedy & Fun! & (April 1):

    What could be better than an evening of musical parody and raising funds for MAEC?  You do not have to be a musician to understand this comedy!  It's fun for the whole family!  Items are needed for Silent Auctions as well.  Purchase at least 5 tickets ($10 each) for your fundraising participation!

    5. MAEC Bunny Brunch and Musical Petting Zoo: Held in Spring for a time to enjoy a brunch, crafts and photo time with the Easter Bunny!  MAEC also provides a Musical Petting Zoo at this event - time to interact with all our musical "animals" in our zoo!

    6. Annual Fund:  An appeal for funding opportunities for the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina.  Donate at least $50 for your fundraising participation.

    Other opportunities may be available during the year, please ask at the reception desk!


    As a nonprofit community music school, we rely on the support of individuals and businesses in our community; tuition alone does not cover our expenses.  Opportunities are available for donations, business support, board and committee participation.   Please let us know if you would like to be a part of supporting our vision to provide quality music programs in our community.