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Fun with Accordian! - Oct 8

Art of Self-Promotion - Sept 12

Group Strings for Adults - Oct 8

Finale Software for Arranging and Writing Your Own Music - Oct 10

Classical Music: A Primer - Oct 4

Guitar for Adult Beginners - Sept 11
Ukulele for Adult Beginners - Oct 17

Ukulele to Accompany Singing - Oct 16 

Piano for Adult Beginngers - Oct 15

Songwriting - Sept 11

Reading Music I - Oct 15
Reading Music II - call MAEC
Music Theory - call MAEC

Preparing for Auditions: Oct 17
Decrease My Stress: Relaxation through Music! - Oct 7
Stage Fright: Performance Anxiety - Oct 11
Coping with Grief & Loss - Oct 18

Maximizing Performance - call MAEC

Hear My Voice: Social Fun - call MAEC

Creating Your Life Story in Song: Give a Gift to Your Family - Oct 14

Improving Your Church Choir - call MAEC

Drum Circles - Call MAEC

3M - Music, Movement & Meditation - call MAEC


New Horizons Beginner Band - starts Sept 10
 New Horizons Bands - starts Sept 10

PCC Symphony Orchestra - starts Aug 20

(Enroll with Pitt Community College's Department of Continuing Education)

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As they are completing the construction, the intersection of 10th & Evans will close periodically.  You may need to use Charles and Read Circle to come around to us on Evans Street.

10th Street is closed between Evans St and Dickinson.  However, you can still make it through for MAEC!  It looks confusing with road closure and detour signs, but no worries!

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    History of Music Academy of Eastern Carolina

    ♪      Established in 1997 as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), community music school offering music instruction and music therapy services for people of all ages and abilities.

    ♪      In the spring of 1997, MAEC was awarded a New Arts Schools and Centers startup program grant with the National Guild for Community Arts Education (formerly the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts): including intensive training in nonprofit arts management, seed funding, and a multi-year partnership with a successful community music school in Trappe, PA.

    ♪      The Music Academy started the first lessons and music therapy services in July 1997 with two teachers, one music therapist and three families in a 1600 square foot facility, offering both music instruction and music therapy services.  Within four months, the program grew to six teachers, two music therapists and over one hundred students!

    ♪      MAEC first's facility was next door to a music retailer, Pearson Music on Greenville Boulevard,  this unique partnership allowed both to grow together.

    ♪      By 1999, the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina had outgrown the 1600 square foot Greenville Boulevard location, requiring expanded teaching space.  In addition, the music retail was merging with McFayden Music retail at this time.

    ♪      When the neighboring retail space became vacant, the Music Academy doubled its teaching space.  MAEC continued to grow and quickly fill the new 3200 square foot space beyond capacity!

    ♪      In 2003, Music Academy of Eastern Carolina was fortunate to move into a 10,000 square foot property at 1400 Red Banks Road. Formerly a methodist church, this property provided great flexiblity for teaching, performing and music therapy services. Through grant funding with local foundations, renovations were completed, studios were created and a paved parking lot was prepared for a new Music Academy home!

    ♪      By 2004, Music Academy had over twenty faculty and 250 students, providing many families with their dreams of making music and providing many community musicians and arts organizations a facility to present concerts, recitals, rehearsals, meetings and more.  A community home for the arts was a reality!

    ♪      By 2007, despite continued music making, expenses for the building and property maintenance costs were insurmountable – more than the program budget could sustain!  Private investors stepped in with property needs, allowing the Music Academy to continue community music making in this location.

    ♪      When the national economy fell, the Music Academy was not immune.  While MAEC maintained fifteen or more faculty, meeting facility operating expenses continued soaring beyond the programming budget and general fundraising efforts.  Music programming continued during this time, and Music Academy operated "on a wing and a prayer!"

    ♪      In 2012, the property investors decided to offer the property for general purchase, leaving MAEC to dream of another benevolent investor.  After much consideration, the Music Academy Board of Directors decided to launch a multi-year capital campaign. This was the first MAEC capital campaign and would have allowed the Music Academy to purchase the Red Banks Road property, without the liability of a bank loan, and continue to provide quality community arts services for generations to come!  

    ♪     After much discussion, deliberation and consideration, the MAEC Board of Directors determined in 2013 that the Music Academy would benefit by seeking a new home.  Unfortunately, the MAEC capital campaign was not launched at a time our community could support this endeavor.  Over the tenure of the Music Academy, the program has thrived on community support.  While the Red Banks Road has been a great location, it was felt that it is time to move to another location and continue to serve our commuinty in new and growing means!  While we were all (students, faculty and commnity) anxious with this change, we were also excited to continue serving our communities musical endeavors!  We believed the Music Academy was a program, not a building.  And, moving simply meant adjusting and growing in new and yet unforseen ways.

    ♪     2014 brought a new chapter to the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina.  The Music Academy of Eastern Carolina joined the Greenville Uptown Arts District, finding a new home, directly across the street from The Greenville Museum of Art on Evans Street.  Moving out of our Red Banks Road facility in December 2013 was accomplished successfully and smoothly with the assistance of many community volunteers.  A gift from an anonymous donor allowed for MAEC to prepare a new home.  After completing the necessary construction and remodeling for studio space, we began teaching in February 2014 in Uptown Greenville! 

    ♪     2015 saw more new ventures as MAEC joined the First Friday Artwalk activities with Uptown Greenville.  In addition to providing recitals and concerts throughout the year, we added First Friday events September - May. Summer music camps were added with Pitt Community College's programs.  MAEC began its particiaption with a Music Zoo at the PirateFest a well!

    ♪     2016 was a time for MAEC to serve the community with music ensembles, music instruction, music therapy and more! New programming of music ensembles with the Jarvis Unit of the Boys and Girls Club began as well as other fun programming. Summer camps continue and partnerships with the Greenville Museum of Art are happening!  MAEC is enjoying the life of Uptown Greenville!

    ♪     2017 is a momumental year for Music Academy of Eastern Carolina - it's our 20th Anniversary for providing community music programs!  It is through the generosity of our community, families, students and patrons that MAEC continues to serve eastern Carolina!  Thank you for all your support! ' We look forward to seeing what the future has in store with the Music Academy in eastern Carolina!