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    Ways to Give to MAEC

    There are numerous ways to invest in community music with MAEC. We encourage all members of our community to give: past students, parents, alumni parents, extended family members, patrons and other friends.  Music Academy appreciates gifts of all sizes.


    Cash Gifts

    Gifts of cash may be deducted from your taxable income to the extent allowable by law in the year gifts are made.  You may use the donation or pledge form to indicate your cash gift preferences.



    A pledge allows the donor to consider a larger investment that is payable over a period of months or years.


    Matching Gifts

    Many corporations offer matching gift programs to increase an individual’s contribution to his or her favorite charity.  Please check with your employer to maximize your gift.  We will be happy to assist in any way needed.


    Stocks and Securities

    Giving appreciated stocks to the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina can offer significant tax savings to the donor.  Stocks are credited at the mean fair market value on the day security is gifted and can be transferred directly to the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina.



    Donated materials and services are valuable gifts.  Deductions are equal to the full market value of materials or services provided.  We are happy to give you a reciept for your gifts-in-kind.


    Planned Gifts

    Planned gifts such as a charitable gift annuity, lead trusts or bequests may be given to the school’s funds, and may receive significant tax credits depending upon a variety of circumstances.  Please contact the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina is you are considering a planned gift.


    Donor Counsel

    Donors are advised to consult their legal or financial counsel before making a gift.  Such counsel can help you make the largest possible gift to the Music Academy’s Annual Funding Campaign at the least possible expense.



    Please contact Music Academy of Eastern Carolina for more information or if you have questions regarding a gift.


    Founded in 1997 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community music school, the Music Academy of Eastern Carolina is committed to supporting music education and bringing music into the lives of people with disabilities and medical problems through music therapy and adaptive music programs.  We believe participation in the arts is one of the most important and essential experiences a child, youth or adult can enjoy regardless of age or ability.

    Music Academy of Eastern Carolina provides education and involvement in music for people of all ages and abilities based on quality instruction in a variety of musical styles fostering lifelong values and an appreciation of the arts.