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    The Music Acaemy of Eastern Carolina is proud to have community leadership with our Board of Directors.  We are grateful for all their time and support!


    MAEC Board of Directors 2016-2017

    Mr. James Enos-Edu, President

    Mrs. Lisa Kirby, Secretary

    Mrs. Sujana Nekkanti, Treasurer

    Mrs. Emalynn Colardo

    Mrs. Janet Holley

    Mrs. Betsy Lehman

    Dr. Julius Mallette

    Dr. Arthur McMillan

    Mr. Baxter J. Myers

    Mrs. Janie Norman-Edu

    Mrs. Sue Anne Fipps

    Mr. Brian Wing

    Ms. Lori McLelland, Faculty Representative (ex-officio)

    Mrs. Cheryl Stephenson, Executive Director (ex-officio)

    Mr. Michael Stephenson, Co-founder (ex-officio)